All people who love handball know that Hungary plays a great part in this sport. This is one of the reasons why it is so important that the Intersport Youth Handball Festival will be organized again in July 2020, in Kaposvar, Hungary. Kaposvar, where the youth handball tournament will be organized is located South from lake Balaton which is Europe’s largest fresh water lake. Another interesting fact that Veszprém which hosts one of the best handball team in the world is not far from Lake Balaton.

This handball camp will host the participating youth teams between 2 and 8 July 2020. The international youth handball tournament will be organized for boys and girls in 6 age categories, from age 10 till age 20. All games of this youth handball cup will be indoors, at approximately 5-10 sportshalls. This European Youth Handball Tournament provides great possiblity for the young handball players from different parts of the world to get to know eachother, other cultures and make friendships. The European Youth Handball also awaits for boys’ and girls’ teams from other continents such as America, Asia to play great games and win the trophy of the youth handball cup.

The organizational team would like for all participants whether they win or a lose to enjoy the handball tour. Participants of the international youth handball tournament may relax after their games at Lake Balaton or at the Aqua Park in Kaposvar. There are seveal programs at the main square of Kaposvar of which give great opportunity for relaxation. All youth teams who participate at the international youth handball tournament will definitely have great games, memories in Kaposvar.