Sport brings young people together. It is a common language which can be understood easily, without words. This is what the main goal of Intersport is with the youth handball festival which brings young handball players together, to get to know each other and to get acquainted with fair play and friendly games. The Intersport Youth Handball Festival awaits the handball lovers in Kaposvar, Hungary in 2020. The festival is about health, friendship and international relations. The organizers are expecting teams between the ages of 10 and 20. Participating teams do not have to be members of a professional club, so city, county, regional and school teams, as well as any other youth handball team may take part in this event. Competition is not the primary factor of this festival but respect to each other, appreciation and getting to know each other through handball.

Registration to the handball tournament

This international handball festival can be a life long experience to all young handball players, as well as a great opportunity to debut in an international competition, get to know other cultures and make friendships beyond borders. The point of the youth handball tournament is to provide great experience to the young handball players between the ages of 10 and 20. The deadline for registration is 10 May, 2020 therefore all teams need to contact the organizers by the end of April. By registering, the teams reflect their wish to take part in the youth handball cup. One of the conditions of registration is that all members of the team have the right to enter Hungary. Early registration is important because there is a maximum number of teams who may participate at certain age groups. The organizers make the rankings by the payment of the registration fee.

International youth handball cup: friendly professional sport to the youth.

Intersport organizes again in 2020 the international youth handball tournament during which young handball players try a fall with other players in the following age groups: U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and Juniors. Teams from all over the world may register. The goal of the festival is not only playing handball but to have a great vacation with people who love the same sport, in a friendly environment. The Intersport yout handball festival is much more than just a sport gathering. It is where different cultures meet through peaceful and gracious sport.