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The main goal of Intersport Youth Handball Festival to connect children, adults, teams and countries through handball. This aim was completely fulfilled in the past 6 years which is proven by the number of teams and countries who participate each year at the youth handball tournament.

It is very important for the organizers that all participants enrich their life-long experiences and increase the popularity of handball. The event moves and eggs on several thousand viewers to do activities, being young or old.

Programs do not only welter on the handball courts but in the whole city. The main square of Kaposvár turns into a festival village for the period of the festival. There are different entertaining possibilities for the children where they can try their skills apart from the handball courts.

Participating nations 2013 - 2018:




Czech Republic



Hong Kong











Ukraine and of course


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INTERSPORT Youth Handball Festival - 2019

We are pleased to inform you that we organizing INTERSPORT Youth Handball Festival from 4-10 July, 2019. INTERSPORT Youth Handball Festival is one of the greatest European youth handball cup. The event is going to be held in Hungary in the surrounding areas of Europe's biggest fresh-water lake Balaton, in the city of Kaposvar. As many European youth handball tournaments, this European youth handball cup is a really great opportunity for young players to show their talents and skills, and also have a great time in Hungary. Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in Central Europe with gorgeous landscapes and historical sights. Our European youth handball cup has grown to be one of the best world youth handball tournaments. This large-scaled sports event is being organized for youth teams from about 10-20 countries of the world. Many of the teams take part in our event as a part of their international youth handball tour. Our international youth handball cup offers maximum joy, fun, and great games for all participants of this international youth handball tournament. Welcomed handball teams of boys U12, U14, U17 and girls: U12, U14, U16 age groups.

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